You might have seen or tried many anime database system, this is DIFFERENT.
Get it now... you will defintely feel the difference and like it ^_^


* Customizable splash & about screen
* Filter records by Status
* 6 sorting options
* Filtering by database fields (starts with, contains, equals to)
* Customizable values: Category, Genre, Music Type, Status, Optional Fields
* 10 Optional Fields to specify YOUR OWN fields
* Music list to enter music/songs related to particular anime
* Related Web Site list
* Grabs torrent links from, able to add or update My
   Anime List
* Grab's data!
* Generate HTML, XML and Excel XLS lists
* Import from Excel XLS file
* Database file updates itself to current versions
* Supports other languages (tested with Traditional & Simplified Chinese,
   - developed based off of years of ERP software development experience
   - assures the program's user-friendliness
   - no fancy/ameteur/badly-designed user interface
* Supports Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP and Linux (using Wine)
* 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia


(requires QuickTime 7)
1. Line Editing (160KB) - Line editing in Anime Data entry screen
2. Import 1 (1.22MB) - Alter a field's value, in this demo, the Favourite field
3. Import 2 (1.87MB) - Importing exported animes into a blank list
4. Field Mapping (646KB) - Map fields with AnimeNfo's data


(Last updated on Jan 14, 2006):
. Fix error 6: overflow
. Customisable field name - Some users may not be anime downloaders
. Show Optional Fields in main list
. Increase Optional Fields - currently max. 10 fields

Anime fans: send me your ideas and suggestions about this program.


(May 20, 2006):
. Fixed: Population of Rating field when editing an entry
. Fixed: Program crash when pressing 'Enter' key on empty Custom Values'
            list and Anime Data's Music & Websites lists
. Improved: Pressing 'Enter' key on an empty list will automatically add a
                  new line, same as pressing 'Insert' key
. Improved: Genre list will sort alphabetically in edit screen. Also changed
                   the way of mapping Genre data from
. Improved: Animes that exists in list will be highlighted in BitTorrent Links
. Improved: Program window will retain last used position, size and state
                   on next start up



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